A+ for B Negative

I have a book to finish these days which means, of course, that I’m spending a lot of time on line. I wish I could say that’s because of all the research I’m doing – but I cannot tell a lie. The truth is – surprise, surprise – I’m just procrastinating.

Normally, surfing the web is a total waste of time – I’m thinking of you, awfulplasticsurgery.com – but today it paid off. If I’d actually been writing, I’d never have stumbled upon these two really rather fabulous reviews of B Negative.

From www.keenreaders.org:

“Vicki Grant is a captivating storyteller and this book shows what she is capable of. The reading level may not be high, but the narrative does not suffer, remaining incredibly vibrant and complex throughout. B Negative is highly recommended.”

Read the full review here.

From bookvacations.wordpress.com:

“Grant has written a superb novel that is sure to catch the interest of all who read it.  Written in simple prose, B Negative tells the story of Paddy, a seventeen-year-old boy ready to follow in his father’s footsteps, but who is his real father?  Filled with suspense and mounting tension, B Negative will keep the reader glued to the pages as the story unfolds.

I especially enjoyed Paddy’s voice throughout the novel.  As he tells his story, it is easy to connect with him and obtain a real sense of his thoughts and feelings.  He sounds just like the average teen of our day, and Grant does a wonderful job capturing the essence of the story at hand.  Grant’s ingenious play on words concerning the title, B Negative, made the story that much more enjoyable, and shows her sheer talent as a writer.  I highly recommend this novel.  Five stars!