Betsy’s Heart Swells with Pride

I’m always a bit worried about a new book until the first reviews come in. I’m breathing a little easier since I got this four-star write-up in CM Magazine.

“Vicki Grant has authored another wonderful young adult novel with lots of humour, interesting characters and twists and surprises in the plot…Betsy’s life has totally changed by the end of the novel, and so has her attitude. She has become a warmer and more accepting person. The transition isn’t easy, and Grant puts her main character through a variety of tests and learning experiences in the book. However, Grant does so with humour, compassion and empathy for the teenage world she has created. No doubt¬†Betsy Wickwire’s Dirty Secret¬†will join Grant’s other young adult novels on a variety of Canadian young adult literary award lists.”

Highly Recommended.



Canadian Review of Materials is an important source of information for teachers and librarians about children’s and Young Adult literature. You can read the complete review here.