I shoulda had another cup of coffee.

The cast and ‘crew’ of Being 18

Here’s a radio interview I did at the ungodly hour of 7:15 today with the charming Don Connolly of CBC’s Information Morning. I’m babbling a bit but hopefully you’ll be able to glean a little insight into the making of Being 18.

Left to right: Angus McDonald, my nephew George Button, Yours Truly, Jasmine Oore, my daughter Jeannie Richardson, Jean Lloy and Josh Kim. Also featured were my bedsheets, playing a starring role as the backdrop.

P.S. too – George and Jeannie are wearing the same uniforms their grandparents would have worn at that age.

P.P.S. Angus McDonald was in the Merchant Navy. Jean Lloy was a WREN, stationed in Halifax.

P.P.P.S. Another nephew of mine, Charlie Grant of The Band Before Time, wrote the music.