Pigboy: starring Zachary Gordon and Megan Fox

Pigboy Movie posterOne of my favourite things about doing school visits is seeing examples of what I humbly refer to as ‘fan art’. (Click here to see another amazing example.)

I was back at Bible Hill Junior High this week and was given – okay, that’s not quite right. I was back at BHJH and begged to be given this Pigboy: The Movie poster created by one of the Grade 8 boys. (Pigboy – the book, that is – is a funny-scary or maybe scary-funny quick-read about a kid named Dan Hogg who goes on the worst field trip ever.)

I love the drawing. I love the stencilling. I love the casting. Zachary Gordon as Dan Hogg and Stanley Tucci as Mr. Benvie? Brilliant!

But my favourite is Megan Fox as Ms. Creaser. I named the character after an old friend of mine and a real teacher. Sue is going to be very flattered.

And P.S. Thanks to Mr. Greg Reid, teacher extraordinaire for inviting me back again this year. (What is it now, Greg? Five? Six times?

And P.P.S. Thanks to Halifax Learning Centre for sponsoring my visit – and their continuing work with struggling readers.