Go ahead. Judge these books by their covers.

Secrets Orca Vicki GrantThe Unquiet PastMarthe Jocelyn Vicki GrantStones on a graveMy life before meTeresa Toten Shattered GlassInnocent Eric Walters

Because that’s all I can show you at the moment. You ask me, Orca’s Art Director Teresa Bubela did a fabulous job designing all seven Secrets novels.

The Secrets will be out September 2015. I’m looking forward to participating in the launch (launches!) with my friends Kelley Armstrong, Marthe Jocelyn, Kathy Kacer, Norah McClintock, Teresa Toten and Eric Walters.

The Secret isn’t out yet – but it is done.

Orca Secrets Vicki GrantI just realized that it’s been months since I posted anything.

Well, no wonder. Since I last appeared in this space, I’ve been working feverishly to finish Small Bones, my contribution to Orca Secrets.

Don’t know what Secrets is? Here’s a teaser:

It’s 1964 and life is about to change for seven orphan girls. On their own for the first time in their lives, the girls each embark on journeys of discovery, aching for the families they never had and experiencing the world in ways they never imagined.

Authors Kelley ArmstrongNorah McClintockVicki GrantMarthe JocelynKathy KacerTeresa Toten and Eric Walters team up in this brand new series of linked YA novels that will be published simultaneously.

Look for Secrets in September 2015.

Triggered is one of “The Best”.

CCBC Best Book of 2013According to the good people at The Children’s Book Centre – and they know quite a bit about this type of thing – Triggered is one of the Best Books for Kids and Teens of 2013. (I just got word yesterday so don’t know who other honourees are. I’ll post the rest of the list as soon as I get it.)

A he said/she said thriller, Triggered is my latest quick-read in the popular Orca Soundings Series.

Here’s is a glimpse into what reviewers are saying about Triggered:

“A great read for both males and females…Grant has woven a story about teenage relationships that is both gripping and believable. She also touches on themes such as mental illness, co-dependent relationships, and poverty. Triggered would also make an interesting novel study for multiple grades and is highly recommend for middle-school and high school libraries. Highly Recommended.” CM Magazine – October 4, 2013

“Rich in teen angst and the human condition, this novel will shock the teen reader with an awareness of how emotionally disturbed the human psyche can become…Highly recommended for the reluctant reader collection in school library.” Resource Links – October 1, 2013

“Vicki Grant is funny and endearing.”

Vicki Grant, Christmas, snowAnd I’ve got that on good authority. Amy Mathers said so. (Click her name if you don’t believe me.)

Amy has begun a journey “across the Canadian landscape of teen fiction” through her Marathon of Books. Her quest is to open “readers up to new perspectives and inspire book lovers to fund a teen book award.” She’s reading a book a day on a literary cross-country tour. She began in Nova Scotia with some of my oeuvre and that of my dear buddy, Don Aker. She hopes to get $100,000 in pledges to go towards the award.

It’s a wonderful project (and I’d say that even if she didn’t call me “funny and endearing”. Did I already mention that?) Click here to find out how you can support Amy’s Marathon of Books.

Amy Mathers, reader extraordinaire
Amy Mathers, reader extraordinaire

Everything you ever wanted to know about Vicki Grant (and no doubt more…)

Me looking thoughtfulVivian Howard of Dalhousie University is the driving force behind SeaStacks, a website devoted to children’s and young adult authors of Atlantic Canada. When she asked to interview me for the project, I’m sure she had no idea how much I could talk.

Man, do I go on.

In any event, here are a series of youtube videos that cover my background, my writing process, my approach to research and a lot of other things that just happened to pop into my head at the time.

Click here to watch. Enjoy!

Betsy Wickwire’s Christmas Present

BEFORE: The old cover. Stay tuned for the AFTER shot.
BEFORE: The old cover. Stay tuned for the AFTER shot.

It might not seem like much to you but Betsy Wickwire’s getting something wonderful for Christmas: suds.

One of the things that’s always bugged me – a bit – is that the sponge on the cover looks like a big candy heart. (Don’t you think?)

Not that there’s anything the matter with candy. And I guess you could argue that a teenager might be more likely to pick up a book that seems to be about food rather than cleaning up after it.

It’s just that that’s not what this particular young adult novel is about. It’s kind of about cleaning up your life, I guess. The new edition will feature “enhanced bubbles”. (And doesn’t everybody need enhanced bubbles in their life, now and again?)

I’ll post the new cover here as soon as I get it.


Emily for Real – and for Christmas

Emily for Real Sylvia GunneryAnother great gift idea for the teen readers in your life: Emily for Real by Nova Scotian author Sylvia Gunnery. Look what Kirkus Reviews had to say about this touching coming-of-age novel:

“This is a story about familial ties-ties of blood, ties of love, ties that bind. It’s also about family lies and the way these lies affect core connections. Although protagonist Emily Sinclair’s family is small, it’s complex and is comprised of a variety of household situations: intact, divorced, step, gay, straight, illegitimate and adoptive. …[The story] is genuinely touching at its tear-inducing, hopeful end.”

Emily for Real is available at fine bookstores everywhere – or should be.

Betsy Wickwire gets ‘Savvy’.

Lovely review of dear old Betsy Wickwire’s Dirty Secret today. I especially liked this part:

“Grant has a master’s touch at capturing the teen years, both their hilarity and heartache, and you’ll find yourself cheering for Betsy on her unusual journey of healing and self-discovery.”

Read the rest of the article to find out about other great YA novels like Such Wicked Intent by Kenneth Oppel and The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater.

Here’s the article in its entirety: “Savvy Characters Will Leave an Impression.”

Positive News about B Negative

Young Adult Fiction, High/Low,The humidity always seems more bearable when a little good news breezes in.

So I was delighted to find out that the Canadian Children’s Book Centre selected B Negative for the Spring 2012 edition of Best Books for Kids and Teens. (Available on news stands across Canada.)

B Negative is a short novel in the Orca Soundings series. It’s a mystery that deals with family conflict and the true nature of the father/son bond.

Congratulations to all my other writing friends who made the Canadian Children’s Book Centre list too!

We’ll rant and we’ll roar like true Newfoundlanders…

Ann Connor Brimer Vicki GrantEspecially if I win.

I’m off to St. John’s, Newfoundland, tomorrow for the Atlantic Book Awards. Betsy Wickwire and I are up against Gloria Ann Wesley, (Chasing Freedom) and Susan White (The Year Mrs. Montague Cried ) for the coveted Ann Connor Brimer Award.

In 1990, the Nova Scotia Library Association established the Ann Connor Brimer Award for writers residing in Atlantic Canada who have made an outstanding contribution to children’s literature.

The impetus for the award came from the late Ann Connor Brimer who was a strong advocate of Canadian children’s literature and saw the need to recognize and encourage children’s writers in Atlantic Canada.