Vicki Grant is an award winning author of young adult (YA) books, mysteries, funny books for kids & teens, and novels for reluctant readers.


March 2010

Project Description

A High-Low Thriller for Teens

Ria is rich, slim, pretty, popular. If you only knew her at school, you’d think she led a charmed life—and until recently you’d have been right. But her situation has taken a sudden, unfortunate change. Her parents’ seemingly perfect marriage has broken up, and before she’s had a chance to absorb the blow, her beloved father disappears in a plane crash. What’s worse, rumors begin to surface that he may have perpetrated a multimillion-dollar investment scam and everybody—Ria’s mother, her best friends, even her boyfriend—believes them. Ria sees no choice but to take her little brother and run. She vows to keep the memory of her father alive. Soon, though, she begins to wonder: is her memory playing tricks on her—or is he?


A Tri-State 2011 Book of Note (Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey)


“A fast-paced suspense story for hi-lo reluctant readers. Grant expertly captures teenage nuances of speech and behaviour (“OMG. Did you hear about Ria’s dad?”). Comeback will appeal to female young adult readers with its portrayal of catty friendships and the charmed love of first romantic relationships…the less-than-happy ending is a refreshing and realistic change from the many young adult books with idealistic finales. Recommended.”
Canadian Materials Magazine

“Grant’s novel folds drama and suspense into a story that carries echoes of our country’s current financial woes… it’s premise will quickly grab readers, who will empathize with Ria’s disillusionment and split-second, bad decision making.”

“Reluctant and struggling readers will be satisfied by the compelling story.” School Library Journal

“Author Vicki Grant takes readers on a frightening ride in COMEBACK. She captures the disappointment and frustration Ria feels when the life she’s always known takes a dramatic turn. This fast-paced read is perfect for reluctant readers.”


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