Vicki Grant is an award winning author of young adult (YA) books, mysteries, funny books for kids & teens, and novels for reluctant readers.

Dead End Job

April 2005

Project Description

A High-Low Thriller for Teens

Frances works the night shift at a local convenience store, dividing her time between restocking shelves and working on her art. Her routine is broken one night when Devin comes into the store. He claims to be the son of a famous local artist and offers her advice on her drawings. Although he seems to know way too much about her, Frances decides, against the advice of her boyfriend, that he is odd but harmless. By the time she realizes the danger she is in, Devin is completely obsessed with her and convinced that if he can’t have her, no one will. Frances will be forced to use all her strength to escape from Devin.


An American Library Association Quick Pick
Canadian Children’s Book Centre ‘Our Choice’ Selection


“An intense, plot-driven book. A strong choice for reluctant readers.”
New York Public Library

“Grant has penned a fast-paced and exciting novel about a resourceful teen trying to do the right thing.”
Hip Librarians Book Blog


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