Vicki Grant is an award winning author of young adult (YA) books, mysteries, funny books for kids & teens, and novels for reluctant readers.


March 2007

Project Description

A High-Low Psychological Thriller for Teens

When Chris finds a wallet on the street he tries to return it to its owner. In trouble at home and at school, he is struggling to do the right thing. However, as circumstances slowly start unraveling and his whole life appears headed down the drain, Chris realizes that the person who owns the wallet looks a lot like him and has a life he would do almost anything for. What if he switched identities? What if he became someone else?


Nominated for American Library Association Quick Pick and Golden Oak Award


“Engaging and authentic…A compelling, rewarding read.”
CM Magazine

“[Vicki Grant’s] coherent, snappy prose maintains a steady pace… undeniably motivating; readers will feel able to commit to this book… Recommended.”
CM Magazine

“Vicki Grant’s fast-paced novella for reluctant-reader teens raises great points about ethics and how they crumble…What a rush of a read!”
Georgia Straight

“…a high-quality story for reluctant readers – fast-paced, heart-thumping…A definite recommendation for reluctant readers.”


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